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Terms & Conditions Last updated March 31, 2021

In signing up to AFIXR and using this website (the site) you confirm that you have read, understood and abide by the terms & conditions of service. The terms & conditions of service are binding. If you do not agree to the Agreement and the Privacy Policy and other information on terms and rules contained within the site then you should not use the web site or express interest through the site using it to request a quotation or purchase any of our services. You (the customer) Agree to pay the price set by AFIXR and understand failure to pay will result in your purchase being terminated. Failure to meet any of the payment obligations set out in the Privacy Policy will result in your request being cancelled. By accessing the AFIXR service you are consenting to AFIXR processing personal data, provided by you. You are confirming that all data provided by you is truthful, accurate and currently correct. You confirm that the information can be made available to our employees and or freelancers who may be used to carry out the service in which you have requested. By signing up to use our service you confirm that: 1. You are aged 18 years or over 2. As a representative of your organization or business you have the permission and authority to sign off payments in line with the terms and conditions of the AFIXR site.