5 Reasons why successful companies are hiring Virtual Assistants (2021)

August 9, 2021

Hiring a Virtual assistant can be a great way to optimize the production of your business. With Covid-19 causing workers to stay home worldwide, running a business can require an increasing amount of time and effort. This can be quite overwhelming for a lot of business owners as there may be additional day-to-day tasks and responsibilities that didn’t arise before.

1. Help Scale Your Business

Taking on Virtual Assistants can help you to scale your business operations quickly. A lot of companies work on projects that require more assistance than the usual day-to-day operations of their business. By taking on Virtual assistance it can allow them to complete these projects in an efficient time frame without having to give their staff an overbearing workload.

This can allow companies to take on such projects in a sustainable fashion. In addition, it can allow your more high-value staff to focus on the things they do best by delegating the additional tasks of the project to your remote assistant. This can be helpful in producing more high-value work based on the amount spent on salaries.

2. Reduced Costs

You can save money hiring Virtual Assistants as they are often cheaper than the cost of hiring full-time staff and also through decreased overheads such as computers, Internet connection, office space rent, and other office space-related expenses.

And in addition to this as they are only paid for the time that they are needed. This saves costs on things such as taxes, sick leave payments, and insurance.

3. Increase your level of productivity

If you’re interested in increasing the productivity of your business, hiring remote office workers can be a great way to do so. A lot of time can be saved by delegating non-core activities allowing your company to do more.

Here are some essential tasks that could be done by a Virtual assistant:

• Data entry

• Customer service

• Emailing Scheduling

• Social media posting

• Event organization

In addition to this, a study from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business showed that when call center workers were allowed to work from home for nine months they were 13% more productive than they had been from the office. They believed this was due to when working from home they took fewer breaks, fewer sick days, and took more calls per minute.

4. Maintain Your Online Strategy

With social media being so prevalent in running a business in today’s world it is very important to maintain your online strategy. With there being so many different aspects of running a successful social media campaign it can be hard to keep up with everything. By hiring a Virtual assistant it can allow you to take a lot of weight off your shoulders by getting them to do a lot of the non-core tasks that go along with running your social media channels.

They can perform tasks such as:

• Create images on Canva

• Sharing quotes and tips

• Respond to comments and messages

• Making infographics

• Create video content.

Having this type of work being handled by a virtual assistant will allow your staff to focus on strategic planning and analysis.

5. Improve Your Products & Services

By hiring highly skilled Virtual assistants it can be a great help in improving your product or service. Hire someone who is well versed and has the expertise that may be lacking in your own business. They may be able to help in areas of your business that need improvement and leave you with the knowledge you may not have had before. Being able to improve on things like market research or time scheduling can be drastic to the improvement of your product or service. Hire a V.A and Start Saving Time and Money Today Hiring a Virtual assistant can be a great asset to your business, it can allow you to not just save a lot of time and money but to help you in areas of your business that you feel could use assistance. If this seems like something that could be of use to your business get in contact with us today and see how one of our vetted office staff can help you.

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